Hi, Im Dian

some may also know me as Diancyan. I am a graphic designer and illustrator having worked in this field for over 16 years. My background is Visual Communication Deisgn (DKV).

During the last few years I worked in a pharmaceutical company, and there I handled digital marketing such as Google ads, Social Media management and other ads-ads platforms such as FB / IG or TikTok, my job aims to help SMEs or young entrepreneurs and beginners to design their brand and / or make their means of communication. I will be honored to meet and work with you.


i am a professional in graphic design and graphic arts industry designing images, videos and websites for marketing purposes
After Effect


About Me


I'm very interested in designing visuals that can present information in a memorable way. My qualifications are:
Graphic Designer
Designing visuals into the format of marketing tools such as brochures, billboards, digital banners and company profiles
Digital Imaging
Manipulating images for commercial photo purposes, changing images for marketing purposes and others
food photography and take pictures of the landsacape, just for fun
Digital Marketing & SOCMED Manager
Managing social media from designing images to content planning, scheduling and posting as social media admin to advertising content on various platforms such as: Google ads, Facbook ads, Tiktok ads and others
Web Designer & Developer
Creating a website from designing to developing using templates or coding is done by the team
Conceptualizing a Commercial TVC , working from story line, story board, jingle to production, is done by the team

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JL. Andara Ujung Jati Jakarta, Indonesia
E-mail: diancyan@gmail.com Phone: 081329992526

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